Richard Connelly
Licensed Sales Associate
(631) 953-5750
Richard Connelly

I have been a resident of Westhampton for 26 years. My professional background was in corporate sales for over three decades. Each year, I managed to grow and maintain the business of hundreds of clients by providing industry standard, just-in-time, proactive customer care. My success was achieved through good old-fashioned hard work, perseverance, commitment, execution and always over delivering. This level of exceptional customer service, care and accountability continues to be my priority, whether you are listing, selling or renting.

As a team, my wife, Susan, and I have invested in extensive residential redevelopment. We have built wealth through active and passive real estate investments of our own. Susan and I have completed many projects here on the East End. We are always learning and evolving, with a focus on becoming a greater resource to sellers and buyers. The reason why we decided to join the First Hampton International Realty team was simple: Their focus and commitment to all diverse areas of the Real Estate business, including investment projects, managed and masterfully completed by hands on leadership and unparalleled expertise.

My proudest accomplishment is being the father of five wonderful children, comprised of four sons and one daughter. For Susan and I, helping families explore their real estate dreams and find happiness here on the East End is the most rewarding endeavor we have yet to undertake.

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